So often we think about the purpose of attending First Aid training. Especially when you pay for it yourself. Then, if you get sent for training for work reasons, we wonder when will we ever need it.

Read the following true story as an example of what First Aid training may mean to you AND to someone else…

Zahra Patel (trained by Dynamikos), a 16-year-old high school girl from Stellenbosch, and her family were on holiday in Arniston over the festive season. On the 2nd of January 2019, while walking on the windy beach, a gust of wind tragically lifted a young 17-year old male, who was preparing for kite surfing and flung him against nearby rocks.

He had a very bad head injury but was still breathing at the time. Nearby lifeguards and Zahra went to the rescue and moved him safely to the beach. Not long after, while they were supporting his head and neck and waiting on the ambulance, he lost consciousness and stopped breathing. Zahra and the Lifeguard started CPR. They carried on doing CPR until the young male started breathing again.

It is amazing to say that he is recovering well, even after a piece of his skull had to be removed. He is believed to make a full recovery.
Although an experience like this can be very traumatic, thanks to training and confidence from Zahra to act, this remains an amazing experience in playing such a crucial part in saving someone’s life!

Well done Zahra and everyone that so selflessly assisted in saving the young man’s life!!