Our Learning Options

How does training take place at Dynamikos?

We realise that our clients have diverse needs, and therefore, the Dynamikos team offers different training options to ensure that each client can learn in a way that suits them best.

We offer three training options:

Some of our courses do not entail practical training – for example, the Health and Safety Courses. For these specific programs, learning can take place online, from start to finish. In other words, no face-to-face contact with a facilitator is required.

Many people learn best through face-to-face facilitation, and therefore this option is also available for our clients. This will offer trainees the chance to interact with the facilitator and make sure that they thoroughly understand the course work. We believe this is still the best way of training!

Most of our courses contain a practical component that is taught by a skilled facilitator. For example, our First Aid Courses include training on CPR and choking, which entails practical demonstrations, examples and practice opportunities. For these courses, we offer our clients the option of blended learning, which combines online- and traditional learning methodologies.

The theory components of these courses are offered online. Once a client has completed this first part at his or her own pace (over 30 days), the practical, classroom session(s) follow. This offers our clients “the best of both worlds” as it saves time away from home or work, yet still includes the needed in-person facilitation.

Let’s take our First Aid Level 1 Course as an example: Traditionally, you would spend two days in class before qualifying, but with our blended learning programs, you only need four classroom hours; which saves a lot of time!

Who should attend these courses?

Our courses are truly for everyone!

For the Individual:

First Aid skills save lives! Whether you require these skills for personal or professional reasons, our courses are for you! Also keep in mind that First Aid Certificates expire, and you will need to refresh yours periodically.

As outlined above, Dynamikos offers individuals a variety of training options to suit their unique needs. If time is a concern, you can sign up for an online learning (where applicable) or blended learning program. The latter will allow you to complete the theory lessons online, in your own time and space (within 30 days). Then, when you are ready, you attend the practical, classroom component.

For the Employer

As an employer, you are responsible for a safe work environment for your employees. This requires you to send delegated staff members on training, which unfortunately reduces their hours at the office. For example, for an employee to attain a First Aid Level 1 qualification (the minimum First Aid requirement from the Department of Labour), it will entail two days away from work. This places a big burden on employers, who not only need to cover the costs of the courses but also still need to pay their workers for the out-of-office days.

Dynamikos can help you with this problem! Our blended learning programs save time and money while still allowing you to comply with government regulations. Now that has a good ring to it, right!? Through these programs, your delegates can access and complete the theory sections of the course online, from their own devices and at their own time. Only then do they attend the practical sessions. In the case of First Aid Level 1, this means two days in the classroom cut down to four hours!

Create a safe workplace and comply with regulations while saving manpower and money!

We are accredited

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