Health & Safety Representative

 Purpose of the course:

To equip the Health & Safety Representative with the necessary knowledge and skill to perform his / her duty as required in terms of the Act.


Target group:

Permanently appointed employees, nominated by their peers and appointed as a Health & Safety Representative in a specific area. The law does not make provision for supervisors and managers to fill this position.


 Course outline:

  1. The purpose and structure of the OHS Act no 85 of 1993
  2. Causes and Prevention of Incidents
  3. Basic Risk Assessment
  4. The duties and responsibilities of employers
  5. General duties of employees at work
  6. The SHE Representative
  7. SHE Representative Inspections
  8. The SHE Committee
  9. Incident Investigation

The course is very practical. The delegates are divided into groups and through brainstorming, contribute to the flow of the presentation. Case studies are used to illustrate problems and to practice problem solving skills. There are self test after each module. A CD with all the necessary forms to enable the H&S Representative to fulfil his/her function will be given to each company that is represented on the course.

This course does not provide a full coverage of the OHS Act no 85 of 1993, but only highlights applicable sections and regulations.


Other information

  • Entry requirement:  Students must have at least Grade 12 and must be able to read and write English or Afrikaans.
  • Language:  English only
  • Certificate:  A certificate of attendance is issued. Retraining recommended after 2 years.
  • Duration:  1 days

We are accredited

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