Fire Safety Workshop

 Purpose of the course:

Teaching awareness for fire safety, prevention of fires and the alerting of emergency services. Candidates will also learn how to contain a veld fire soon after ignition by using equipment at hand. This course will not enable the learners to fight serious out of control veld fires.


Target group:

General labourers, farm workers, conservation staff, etc.


 Course outline:

  1. The elements of fire
  2. Classes of fire
  3. How fires spread
  4. Methods of extinguishing fires
  5. Different extinguishing agents and tools to fight fires
  6. Fire Safety


Other information

  • Entry requirement:  None
  • Language:  Afrikaans and English
  • Certificate:  A certificate of attendance is issued. Retraining recommend after 2 years.
  • Duration:  4 hours

We are accredited

Department of Labour CI 549
Saiosh Corporate Member Logo
South African Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (Saiosh)
Resuscitation Council SA
Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry
South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)
CTECC Educational Content
Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC)